The Simpsons House - finally completed !

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I am going to share with you a couple of points from my building experience of The Simpsons House. It took me six evenings to build it ... I have to admit that I was taking breaks to admire what I had done. :)

Some parts of the set are more difficult to build than they look on first glance ... for example a grill that belongs to Flanders.
Flanders and his grill
The set includes 6 minifigures and the famous Homer's pinky car.
Liza, Marge, Homer, Bart, Flanders (Meggy is sleeping upstairs)
Homer's garage
In the house, there is Lisa's and Bart's room with stunning details.
Liza's room
Bart's room
There is also a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and many more.
Meggy's sleeping room
Living room
Apart from the well equipped interior, there are a lot of garden things.
Homer and Marge in the garden
But Homer is using it not just for a garden ... :)

Overall it is an amazing set and I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of movable parts (for example garage doors, car trunk, kitchen drawers, ...) and funny stickers (for example property of Ned Flanders sticker).

What are your thoughts about this set ? Please feel free to comment below.

My Favourite LEGO Blogs

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There are a lot of LEGO blogs and websites. Which one do I read ?

Probably quite many ... :) But I can't help when so much great material is being shared.

Here is the list of my favourite blogs I am reading every day. Please enjoy reading !

A blog about LEGO bricks ... since 2011
Jay's Brick Blog Homepage
One of my favourite - maybe the most favourite :) - blogs published by a longtime blogger Jay from Australian city of Melbourne.
He returned to LEGO in 2010 after Dark Ages (as he call the period) of over a decade and began writing his blog to document his return back to LEGO.
His blog is filled with comprehensive LEGO set reviews where I especially appreciate beautiful pictures and the section What I liked and What I didn't like. He publishes also updates on LEGO news and sales.
Jay does a great job producing relevant, timely and interesting content !

Your LEGO set guide ... since 1997
Brickset Homepage
Brickset is invaluable resource of all LEGO sets revealed up to date and also a fan site full of reviews and news. It is now the primary reference on LEGO sets on the internet.
Huw Millington, passionate photographer and cyclist :), is the main man behind Brickset. He maintains the website and database code (he is the only one that does this) and continually evolves it to ensure that it remains the best LEGO database on the web ...
I really appreciate all the content they've put into that site for the benefit of thousands of LEGO fans.

Your best resource for LEGO reviews and news ... since 2012
The Brick Fan Homepage
The name says it all :) Allen Tran is the founder of The Brick Fan blog and a big LEGO fan. He grown up with the basic bricks and building crazy and colourful structures and vehicles made him happy.
Started his blog in 2012 in order to have a place where to post pictures of his LEGO sets he bought because he is also a photography enthusiast.
His blog is a great source for LEGO news, reviews and discussions.

Your place for all things LEGO and the LEGO fan community ... 
Brick Nerd Homepage
LEGO artist Tommy Williamson and his team created a place to share the excellent creative work of fellow LEGO artists and builders, to feature artists so you can meet the person behind the bricks, to review sets and products and share news from the hobby and community.
Not usual LEGO blog ! There's so much great content, you might never stop reading.

A LEGO Community fan site. Coverage includes LEGO News, Sales, Fun Creations and Reviews ... since 2009
Toys N Bricks Homepage
Toys N Bricks provides a full coverage on where to find a discounted LEGO and is the leading site for news on LEGO sales, deals and clearances.

The Ultimate LEGO News Source ...
Groove Bricks Homepage
Groove Bricks is a place where you can find the latest LEGO News, check out sweet creations made by LEGO fans just like you, find some of the greatest brick films made by LEGO fans from all around the world, reviews on LEGO sets and brickfilms, find some sweet LEGO shopping deals, latest news on LEGO video games, and many other ...

Australian LEGO Fan Blog ... since 2013
Bricking Around Homepage
Bricking around brings you the latest news and events from Australia, as well as general LEGO news from around the world.

The UK site for LEGO fans ... since 2010
Brick Fanatics Homepage
Brick Fanatics is the UK site for LEGO fans of all ages. The site is online since 2010 and continues to grow. They cover all LEGO news, reviews, MOCs and much more.

LEGO Blog, LEGO news, custom models, MOCs, ... since 2005
The Brothers Brick Homepage
The Brothers Bricks is a LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO. Though they started out back in 2005 featuring mainly minifigs, today they highlight the best LEGO creations of every type from builders around the world, including ever popular LEGO Star Wars, steampunk and mecha creations. You can also find latest news, opinions and reviews on this site.

This list is in no way exhaustive, there are many other amazing blogs and bloggers out there ! :)

Please add your favourites in the comments bellow.

TOP 10 LEGO sets released in 2014

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In 2014, LEGO released many beautiful sets.

Apart from classical themes such as Creator, City, Architecture, Ideas, Bionicle, ... , LEGO also presented new ones - The LEGO Movie or The Simpsons theme.

I prepared for you a list of Top 10 of the most amazing ones.

10. The Eiffel Tower - Set 21019 (321 pieces)
Original retail price $34.99 or €34.99
The Eiffel Tower
9. Ghostbusters Ecto-1 - Set 21108 (508 pieces)
Original retail price $49.99 or €49.99
Ghostbusters Ecto-1
8. The Tumbler - Set 76023 (1,869 pieces)
Original retail price $199.99 or €199.99
The Tumbler
7. Maersk Line Triple-E - Set 10241 (1,518 pieces)
Original retail price $149.99 or €129.99
Maersk Line Triple-E
6. Santa's Workshop - Set 10245 (883 pieces)
Original retail price $69.99 or €69.99
Santa's Workshop
5. Parisian Restaurant - Set 10243 (2,469 pieces)
Original retail price $159.99 or €149.99
Parisian Restaurant
4. LEGO HUB Birds - Set 4002014 (487 pieces)
Original retail price $0.00 or €0.00
3. MetalBeard's Sea Cow - Set 70810 (2,741 pieces)
Original retail price $249.99 or €249.99
MetalBeard's Sea Cow
2. The Simpsons House - Set 71006 (2,523 pieces)
Original retail price $199.99 or €199.99
The Simpsons House
1. Mini Cooper MKVII - Set 10242 (1,077 pieces)
Original retail price $99.99 or €89.99
Mini Cooper MKVII
What is your Top 10 list of 2014 sets ? Do you have any of them at home ?

Weekend Photoshoot

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Summer weekend in my hometown with a camera and a few of my small friends.
It was a pleasure to work with such professional models ! :)
Samurai & Scary Knight
Evil Wizard
Captain Hook

What do they have in common ? :)

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While most celebrities are well known for different reasons, it is often fun to find out what they do in their free time. 
Those 10 play with LEGO ! And I absolutely understand it. :)

UK singer and such a fan of LEGO that he has got a love song called Lego House that imagines a world where you can
"pick up the pieces and build a lego house, and if things go wrong you can knock it down" 
ED Sheeran
UK presenter, writer and journalist, best known for hosting in Top Gear. Was seriously injured in a car crash while filming for Top Gear. During his stay in hospital he became obsessed with LEGO which, he says, aided his recovery. "LEGO saved my life. I was a LEGO fiend when I was eight and, suddenly, it was all I wanted to do again".
Richard Hammond has his own Minifigure
Best known as a co-creator of South Park in his explanation why he likes LEGO so much, he says that "I enjoy methodically following the instructions piece by piece - it is therapeutic because it is the only time of the day when I am not creative."
Trey Parker
American singer, dancer and actress has joined the celebrity LEGO fan club as she revealed she likes to build LEGO.
"Oh & look at my new hobby my children have given me - my new past time pleasure is building LEGO". 
Britney Spears
American basketball player and also LEGO super fan who has a thing for LEGO. He received a special gift in a life TV show he will never forget. His reaction was perfect. No doubt that he loves bricks!  
Dwight Howard
UK formal professional football player plays with LEGO because it helps him to stay calm and control anxiety.
"My children love LEGO. As I do. When I was in Milan with a lot of time on my hands I found online that there is a Taj Mahal LEGO set you can buy. So I bought it. My second choice of career would have been building LEGO." :)
David Beckham has his own Minifigure 
UK record producer, songwriter, TV presenter, millionaire, ... obsessed with trains. He has a huge and unique model railway collection. LEGO trains are not missing in his collection.
"Modelling is better than getting Kylie to No1 because you have to use your brain and you are doing it with people who are as focused as you do." 
Pete Waterman
This South Korean actor loves LEGO and he revealed that:
"I spent two years making the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars before selling the product." The actor typically buys LEGO secondhand and sells the finished product for high prices, taking joy in piecing the products together rather than collecting them. 
Ji Jin Hee

Is a reality TV personality, businesswoman and model. Eldest of Kardashian sisters when talked about her house in California:
"Another must have? Every aspect of my house has to be kid friendly, no sharp edges. And LEGO must be everywhere".
Kourtney Kardashian
US actor and producer is still just a kid at heart. His family says that:
"Brad loves playing with the kids - especially if it is LEGO bricks. He makes no secret of the fact that he is fascinated by LEGO and loves design his own buildings with his kids."
Brad Pitt
I am sure that there are many other AFOL celebrities than those 10. Do you know other names?

Most Worthy Minifigures

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Costume suited Minifigures are CUTE and FUNNY and there are only 12 of them released up today.
They are one of the most favorite Minifigures among LEGO collectors and their value is increasing every day ...

First two costume suited Minifigures were introduced in 2011 as a part of Series 03 and Series 05 - Gorilla Suit Guy and Lizard Suit Guy.
In 2012, LEGO introduced my favourite Bunny Suit Guy (Series 07) and a year later Chicken Suit Guy (Series 9) and Bumblebee Girl (Series 10).
Panda Guy was introduced in 2014 (LEGO Movie Series) and the same year Piggy Guy could be found in Series 12 packages.
In 2015, LEGO released a "record" number of Minifigures - Hot Dog Guy (Series 13), Unicorn Girl (Series 13), Tiger Girl (Series 14) and Plant Monster (Series 14).

Hot Dog Guy
Only Shark Suit Guy (Series 15) was released this year up to date. Who will be next this year? :) I hope that rumours will come true and we will see Banana Guy and Penguin Guy in Series 16.

Original retail price of those Minifigures ranged between $2.99 and $3.99 as for any other Collectible Minifigure. However, their market price is sometimes even 10 times larger now compared to their release price.

This was quite a good deal:
10 Minifigures sold in June-2016 on Ebay
They are worthy, BUT do not stop playing with them ! :)
Shark Suit Guy
How many of them do you have in your LEGO collection? :)