TOP 10 LEGO sets released in 2015

July 19, 2016 6 Comments A+ a-

Today, I will share with you my (wish)list of Top 10 LEGO sets released in 2015.

Every year LEGO releases hundreds of new sets - 2015 was not an exception. Fortunately ! :)
Some rare LEGO sets are now selling for multiples of their original price ...

LEGO collecting is an extremely personal one, but there are some sets that deserve a place in every collector room.
If you are new to collecting or looking to buy something which will increase in its value, this TOP 10 list is a good start.

10. Gingerbread House - Set 40139 (277 pieces)
Original retail price $0.00 or €0.00 (For free with purchase of $99)
Gingerbread House - Set 40139
9. Mystery Mansion - Set 75904 (860 pieces)
Original retail price $89.99 or €89.99

Mystery Mansion - Set 75904
8. Ferrari F40 - Set 10248 (1,158 pieces)
Original retail price $99.99 or €89.99
Ferrari F40 - Set 10248
7. The Brick Bounty - Set 70413 (745 pieces)
Original retail price $99.99 or €99.99
The Brick Bounty - Set 70413 
6. Louvre - Set 21024 (695 pieces)
Original retail price $59.99 or €59.99
Louvre - Set 21024
5. The Big Bang Theory - Set 21302 (484 pieces)
Original retail price $59.99 or €59.99
The Big Bang Theory - Set 21302
4. Kwik-E-Mart - Set 71016 (2,179 pieces)
Original retail price $199.99 or €199.99
Kwik-E-Mart - Set 71016
3. Temple of Airjitzu - Set 70715 (2,028 pieces)
Original retail price $199.99 or €199.99
Temple of Airjitzu - Set 70715
2. Ferris Wheel - Set 10247 (2,464 pieces)
Original retail price $199.99 or €179.99
Ferris Wheel - Set 10247
1. Detective's Office - Set 10246 (2,262 pieces)
Original retail price $159.99 or €149.99
Detective's Office - Set 10246

Do you have any of them at home ?

And what is your TOP 10 list of 2015 sets ? :)

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5 August 2016 at 19:26 delete

Very nice list! Many fun sets, but I will have to make four substitutions as I do not own numbers 5, 6, 7 (unfortunately), and 10. My substitutuions are:
- 5003082 Classic Pirate Minifigure
- 31039 Blue Power Jet
- 40121 Painting Easter Eggs
- 42042 Crawler Crane

Great blog! Your posts offer an interesting variety of subjects!

Lego Girl
8 August 2016 at 00:24 delete

Thank you for pointing out your sets, especially like the 40121 Painting Easter Eggs mini set which are telling a story. Coincidentally, yesterday I ordered 9469 Gandalf Arrives mini set. I am looking forward to have it in my collection.
Eric, thanks a lot for your kind words about my blog. I hope that you will find many more interesting posts in here which will keep you returning here. At least, I will do my best to make it happen. :)

23 January 2017 at 16:06 delete

Nice top-10 list of 2015 released sets. I share a few of them which I bought as well:
Mystery Mansion
Ferrari F40
Detective's Office
and Gingerbread House (which wasn't bought but given as a free promo by LEGO)

I also bought:
Winter Toy Shop
WALL-E (in my opinion the BEST Lego Ideas set till now)
Doctor Who
Changing Seasons (Creator 3-in-1 set that you can rebuild again and again when the weather outside changes! :) )
Christmas Train (the other free promo given by LEGO)

And for my Star Wars collection I bought:
UCS Slave-1
UCS TIE Fighter
Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
Poe's X-wing Fighter
Millennium Falcon

Are you also going to make a top-10 of sets from 2016 ? :)

Lego Girl
24 January 2017 at 20:38 delete

Wow ! :-)
You have so many cool sets in your collection.
I like the 3-in-1 Creator sets too. :) I have a few of them at home and I am always amazed and surprised by how many different building variants these sets provide, besides they often contain just a few pieces.
Yes, I will definitely make a TOP 10 - 2016 LEGO sets list soon. :-)

1 March 2017 at 19:37 delete

After finally picking up the Temple of Airjitzu (on sale), I now have 7 of your 10. Due to price and a lack of table space, I had been holding out on getting the Temple until now. Got it at 20% off, and while I still think it's a lot of money, I'm glad I got it. I would have had to live with regret, had I missed out on it. And with a 3rd table now in the works, we solved our space issue.
I think I would put the Ferris Wheel #1 on this list, but I agree with your top 3 otherwise. A lot of good sets from that year.

Lego Girl
2 March 2017 at 23:41 delete

Thank you for letting me know about your purchase of the Temple of Airjitzu and also about the currently favourable price on LEGO store! I am wondering about buying it since its release and tonight I'm gonna make an order. You've just made me decided. :-) Thank you !
I was hesitating with purchase cause it is a set with completely different style compared to what I have at home so far. But, diversity is welcomed. :-)
I am very curious how you will incorporate Airjitzu into your LEGO city. That could be quite a challenge.