10 Amazing LEGO Board Games you should discover

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Looking back over my life, I've been always a big fan of board games. Playing board games with my parents and my sister when we were together on holidays was our usual family night as long as I can remember. :) Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Cards, ... Those are just a few examples of games we have in our living room shelves.
I knew that LEGO released several versions of Chess. I also noticed a lately release of What am I game. But I was pleasantly surprised how many other amazing board games made from bricks LEGO released so far !
I can't wait to buy some of them. I wouldn't mind filling my apartment with LEGO board games, then create a spot in my apartment where I could come to sit, build and play them all. :)
I will share with you today 10 of them + one bonus, which caught my eye for different reason - either because they were funny, had a good idea or a good look.

1. SET 50003 - Batman (2013)
The Joker and his band of villains are loose in Gotham City and its up to Batman and his super hero friends to catch them. Roll the buildable LEGO dice, race across the city and be the first to catch your villain to win the game. Use the gadgets, the Batmobile and the Batboat to stay one step ahead of your rivals.
The players navigate the constantly shifting castle layout to visit different classrooms and pass a lots of magical exams. 
50003 - Batman
2. SET 3920 - The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey (2012)
Find the missing Dwarves who have gotten lost in Hobbiton, using hints left by Gandalf the Grey and some Hobbits to help you search. 
3920 - The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey
3. SET 3862 - Harry Potter Hogwarts (2010)
The players navigate the constantly shifting castle layout to visit different classrooms and pass a lots of magical exams. 
3862 - Harry Potter Hogwarts
4. SET 50006 - Legends of Chima (2013)
Compete with rival tribes to claim Mount Cavora's precious supply of CHI. Roll the buildable dice, then take your animals to the dessert, jungle and mountains to challenge and battle for the CHI. Use skill and strategy to be the first to collect 8 CHI and win the game. 
Set 50006 - Legends of Chima
5. SET 3849 - Orient Bazar (2010)
Take a magic carpet to ride to find Far East fortunes. Discover exotic treasures in the colourful nooks of the bustling market. Spend your gold wisely and battle for fortune by collecting priceless matching items to sell. 
3849 - Orient Bazar
6. SET 3856 - Ninjago (2011)
The evil general of the skeleton army and his guards have invaded the ninja fortress. Can you team up to battle the guards, find the golden weapons and defeat the general? The race is on to stop them.  
3856 - Ninjago
7. SET 3851 - Atlantis Treasure (2010)
Navigate your submarine through the murky depths yo find sunken treasure. Fire at obstacles and block other explorers in a deep sea quest whre only one sly sailor will triumph !  
3851 - Atlantis Treasure
8. SET 3843 - Ramses Pyramide (2009)
The Mummy King Ramses is planning on conquering all of Egypt with his army of mummies. Unlock the crystal coded layers to climb to the top of the pyramid and defeat the Mummy King, taking his crown and the treasures within.  
3843 - Ramses Pyramide
9. SET 852293 - Castle Giant Chess Set (2007)
The ultimate LEGO chess set with castle theme pieces and decorations.
852293 - Castle Giant Chess Set
 10. SET 3874 - Ilrion (2012)
Advanture game you can build and combine. One of five Heroica sets released by LEGO so far. It's up to you to locate the Catacombs, fight your way pas vicious bats, lumbering zombies, and defeat the Vampire Lord to rescue the King. 
3874 - Ilrion
Funny BONUS :)
11. SET 3854 - Frog Rush (2011)
This is a small pond with a big problem! All of the frogs are trying to get across at the same time, hopping and jumping over each other in a crazy race towards home. Beat the others across the water, but beware of the hungry stork flying overhead ! 

3854 - Frog Rush
Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter, DC Comics, Legends of Chima, Lord of the Rings or more traditional themes such as Castle you should find your favorite one between those 11 sets.

Have you ever played LEGO board game with your friends or family ? Or did I forget to mention your favorite one in my list ?

I will be very happy if you comment below.

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29 October 2016 at 14:56 delete

I had no idea any of these existed! Very cool.

Lego Girl
29 October 2016 at 15:24 delete

Yes, these games are awesome. Very special product. :-) I have picked only a few examples. There are many more of them worth a look. :-)