Set 40153 - How to bake a LEGO Birthday cake ? :)

November 27, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Does someone of your friends or relatives celebrate a birthday today ? Or do you want to make someone happy but you don't come up with any idea? Don't worry, we are here to help you out with a tasty Chocolate LEGO Birthday Cake which will make your day brighter ! :-)
There are two great things about the cake: it is delicious and also simple to prepare. So don't worry at all and try to bake it with me ! :-)
What ingredients will you need ? A few eggs, flour, cacao, milk, chocolate and some cake decorations ...
Ingredients LEGO Birthday Cake
Nothing special, right ? :-) I am sure that you have all you need in your kitchen so we can start baking.
First of all, crack the eggs into a bowl. Do it gently, to minimise the chance that the small pieces of shell will get into your bowl.
Crack eggs into a bowl
Add flour ...
Add flour
Add a little bit of milk ...
Add milk
And mix everything well in your bowl.
Mix everything well
Finally add cacao and stir a few more times until all the ingredients are mixed together well.
Finally add cacao
Heat up your oven to 200 degrees of Celsius, then bake the cake around 30 to 40 minutes.
Bake the cake in your oven
Then remove the cake from the oven and allow it to cool for a while. After an hour, your cake should look something like this. Spread the cake with the dark chocolate filling first.
Cool the cake in cooler temperature
Add a layer of white chocolate.
Spread the chocolate filling
Make a second floor using the remaining cake and chocolate.
Make second floor of the cake
Yes, it's getting a bit harder now, so don't hesitate to ask some of your friends for help. :-)
Ask friends for help
Don't forget the candy decorations and colouring.
Add candy decorations
Add a top chocolate layer and you're almost ready to serve.
Add a top chocolate layer
And if you're a joker and you're nimble enough, you can hide inside the cake and surprise someone. :-) Happy Birthday !!!
Hide inside and surprise someone !
I hope that you enjoyed baking and will be amazed and delighted by the cake as much as I am ! :-)

Even small LEGO sets can be really funny ! This Birthday seasonal set is an example of such a set.

Do you have it in your LEGO collection ?

I will be very happy if you comment below.

LEGO Ideas Sets Overview

November 25, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Six years have already passed since introduction of the LEGO Ideas theme, originally known as a CUUSOO. Did you know that the first LEGO Ideas set was a submarine and it now sells for 9 times of its original retail price ? Not only that these sets make LEGO fans happier, they also make us richer. :-) Majority of them (retired ones) has already increased in price quite significantly.
As the name of the theme suggests, these sets are not about the number of pieces or complexity, but about the IDEA behind the set. And their LEGO fan inventors seems to have an unlimited creativity ! :-)
15 LEGO Ideas sets have been introduced so far and each of them has something which makes it wanted.

2010 - SHINKAI 6500 SUBMARINE (412 pieces, 0 minifigs)
It can dive up to a depth of 6,500 m - deeper than any other manned submersible. But it holded her record only by the end of June 2012 when it was beaten by Jiaolong which dived 6,965 m. :-( However, it is Shinkai 6500 not Jiaolong who can boast with her own LEGO replica made out of bricks ! 
Set 21100 - Shinkai 6500 Submarine
  • Very rare ! You will hardly find a review of this set on the internet. 
  • RRP in 2010: $49.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Oct 2016: $470
2012 - HAYABUSA (369 pieces, 1 minifig)
Developed by Japan to explore a small near-Earth asteroid Itokawa. It was 2 years on journey to the Itokawa and finally landed there in 2005. In 2011 scientists announced that dust collected from Itokawa asteroid is about 8 million years old and that it was originally a part of a larger asteroid. Interesting ! 
Set 21101 - Hayabusa 
  • Originally intended to be sold only in Japan as the Shinkai 6500 Submarine, however later available worldwide in the LEGO Online Shop. 
  • RRP in 2012: $49.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Oct 2016: $145
2012 - MINECRAFT MICRO WORLD: THE FOREST (471 pieces, 2 minifigs)
The Minecraft is a phenomena in the video game industry. And it slowly becomes a phenomena also in the world of LEGO bricks. :-) It also includes cute minifigs like any other LEGO theme. 
Set 21102 - Minecraft Micro World: The Forest
  • First post-Japan-only LEGO Ideas set which reached 10,000 supporters in 48 hours. Unbelievable ! 
  • RRP in 2012: $34.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Oct 2016: $25
2013 - THE DELOREAN TIME MACHINE (401 pieces, 2 minifigs)
Back to the Future released in 1985 became a legend thanks to the famous DeLorean car immortalised by the movie. Did you know that originally the time machine was the chamber ? :-)
Set 21103 - The DeLorean Time Machine

  • First LEGO Ideas set inspired by a movie 
  • RRP: $34.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Nov 2016 : $118
The most technologically advanced rover ever built with a mission to determine whether there ever was (or is ?) a life on Mars.  
Set 21104 - Nasa Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

  • Second space related LEGO Ideas set following the Hayabusa. Great work !
  • RRP: $29.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Nov 2016: $165 
2014 - GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO-1 (508 pieces, 4 minifigs)
If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call ? Ghostbusters !
Set 21108 - Ghostbusters Ecto-1
  • Second LEGO Ideas set inspired by a movie - and again it is a replica of a legendary movie car, a famous Ghostbusters Ecto-1 !
  • RRP: $49.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store
2014 - EXO-SUIT (321 pieces, 2 minifigs)
If you haven't seen The Transformers or you have just never heard the word exo suit before, you probably don't know that it is a wearable machine full of technologies that gives you special skills. 
Set 21109 - Exo-Suit
  • Very special and different LEGO Ideas set ! Very shortly in sale. 
  • RRP: $34.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Oct 2016: $27
2014 - RESEARCH INSTITUTE (165 pieces, 3 minifigs)
There are many research institutes around the world. But did you know that the very first one was established in Europe and focused on mapping of stars ? 
Set 21110 - Research Institute
  • Did you know that the set was originally known as a Female Minifigure Set ? It is featuring three female scientists. 
  • RRP: $19.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Nov 2016: $35
2015 - BIRDS (580 pieces, 0 minifigs)
Birds have always played a key role in research and helped humans to advance our understanding of evolution. V
Set 21301 - Birds
  • The most elegant LEGO Ideas Set so far, in my opinion. :-)
  • RRP: $44.99
  • Sold on Ebay in Nov 2016: $43
2015 - THE BIG BANG THEORY (484 pieces, 7 minifigs)
Legendary sitcom full of unforgettable shouts. Shows that nerds can be very cool ! :-)
Set 21302 - The Big Bang Theory
  • First LEGO Ideas set in which Minifigures play a major role. 
  • RRP: $59.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store
2015 - WALL-E (677 pieces, 0 minifigs)
Heartbreaking movie about the cleaning robot WALL-E which falls in love with EVE. If you haven't seen the movie, it's definitely worth watching. 
Set 21303 - Wall-E
  • Very similar to the original ! With movable arms and a very cute look. 
  • RRP: $59.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store

2015 - DOCTOR WHO (623 pieces, 6 minifigs)
Doctor Who celebrate 53 years this year. And it is still number one in Britain ! 
Set 21304 - Doctor Who
  • You can choose to have the Tardis either opened or closed. There are more options. 
  • RRP: $59.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store
2015 - MAZE (769 pieces, 0 minifigs)
Can you find the way out from the maze?

Set 21305 - Maze

  • If I should choose one of LEGO Ideas which is the most different from others. It would be this one ! Sometimes, difference is good. :-)
  • RRP: $69.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store

2016 - THE BEATLES YELLOW SUBMARINE (550 pieces, 5 minifigs)
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...
Set 21306 - The Beatles Yellow Submarine
  • I am not sure whether The Beatles would manage to live in such a small LEGO yellow submarine as they sing in their famous song. :-) But that's not the thing ! I love this shiny set and The Beatles minifigs are irresistible. 
  • RRP: $59.99 
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store

2016 - CATERHAM SEVEN 620R (771 pieces, 5 minifigs)
Not ordinary car ! 
Set 21307 - Caterham Seven 620R
  • Finally the LEGO Ideas set for real racing car lovers ! 
  • RRP: $79.99
  • Still available for sale in LEGO Online Store

Veeeeeeery long list ! 
And if you have read this far, I will be very happy if you let me know which set is your most favourite out of those 15. 
Do you prefer the older or the newer LEGO Ideas sets ? 

I will be very happy if you comment below. 

    Set 40230 - LEGO London Bus - Fairytale review :)

    November 20, 2016 5 Comments A+ a-

    Once upon a time, there used to be a Happy bus originally from London which could fly and swim and took its passengers to far off magical lands.
    Once when he was returning back to London, a strong wind blew him into unknown land.
    It was so windy that the bus suddenly lost control and disappeared in the tree shadows.
    Happy bus lost control
    And it was falling and falling ...
    Happy bus fell into unknown land
    Fortunately, nothing happened to the crew, but the Happy bus got stuck in a mud and it was possible that something else got broken. Passengers didn't help him out and left him totally alone in the forest.
    Happy bus stuck in a mud
    Will someone rescue him ?
    Land of Costume Based Minifigures
    The bus landed in the land of Costume Based Minifigures who were amazing creatures enjoying gatherings, delicious food, fun and parties.
    TONIGHT Costume Based Minifigures Party poster
    "It will be a perfect party, Shark ! Finally a chance to meet the famous Hot Dog Man or Cat Girl. And imagine all the delicious food, the freshest vegetable, wine, ... It's a pity that it is so far away from us." There was no chance for them to get there on time so they stopped dreaming and continued in their walk.
    Shark and Banana gliding on the moss
    "I haven't been there for such a long time, that I mostly forgot how much fun it is to glide on the moss."rejoiced Banana Man.
    Shark and Banana approaching the Happy Bus
    They had no idea that they were approaching the abandoned bus. But suddenly they heard someone's moaning, so they went after hearing.
    Happy Bus finally found by two rescuers
    "Ohh, good strangers !" whispered tired bus. "Please help me get out of the mud and I will realise your every wish." They were very sorry for the bus and begun immediately rescuing him.
    Shark and Banana rescuing the Happy Bus
    They pulled and pulled ...
    Shark and Banana rescuing the Happy Bus
    They used all their strengths.
    Shark and Banana rescuing the Happy Bus
    And finally they succeeded and the Happy Bus was again free and happy !
    Happy Bus finally rescued
    The Happy Bus smiled again and thanked them many times. "How do I repay, my friends ? "asked the Happy Bus. They looked at each other and it was clear that they thought the same thing.
    Shark and Banana on board of the Happy Bus
    "So get on and let's go quickly to the party ! " whooped the Happy Bus.
    Shark and Banana on board of the Happy Bus
    It took only a while and they disappeared in the clouds heading to the Hot Dog's House.
    Shark and Banana on board of the Happy Bus
    It was something that they've never experienced and will never forget.
    Shark and Banana on board of the Happy Bus
    After a few minutes, they began flying back to earth and landed right in the Hot Dog's garden. And thanks to the Happy Bus, they became immediately stars of the tonight's party.
    Reunion with friends at Hot Dog's Party
    They said goodbye to the Happy Bus and wished him a safe return back to London and went to share their unexpected adventure with the rest of the Costume Based Minifigures on the party.

    A lot of fun with this new LEGO London Bus set which I received for free with my latest purchase at the LEGO store. Very cute and playful set. :-)

    How did you like the story ? Have you also received this promotional set with your LEGO order ?

    I will be very happy if you comment below.