Set 40153 - How to bake a LEGO Birthday cake ? :)

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Does someone of your friends or relatives celebrate a birthday today ? Or do you want to make someone happy but you don't come up with any idea? Don't worry, we are here to help you out with a tasty Chocolate LEGO Birthday Cake which will make your day brighter ! :-)
There are two great things about the cake: it is delicious and also simple to prepare. So don't worry at all and try to bake it with me ! :-)
What ingredients will you need ? A few eggs, flour, cacao, milk, chocolate and some cake decorations ...
Ingredients LEGO Birthday Cake
Nothing special, right ? :-) I am sure that you have all you need in your kitchen so we can start baking.
First of all, crack the eggs into a bowl. Do it gently, to minimise the chance that the small pieces of shell will get into your bowl.
Crack eggs into a bowl
Add flour ...
Add flour
Add a little bit of milk ...
Add milk
And mix everything well in your bowl.
Mix everything well
Finally add cacao and stir a few more times until all the ingredients are mixed together well.
Finally add cacao
Heat up your oven to 200 degrees of Celsius, then bake the cake around 30 to 40 minutes.
Bake the cake in your oven
Then remove the cake from the oven and allow it to cool for a while. After an hour, your cake should look something like this. Spread the cake with the dark chocolate filling first.
Cool the cake in cooler temperature
Add a layer of white chocolate.
Spread the chocolate filling
Make a second floor using the remaining cake and chocolate.
Make second floor of the cake
Yes, it's getting a bit harder now, so don't hesitate to ask some of your friends for help. :-)
Ask friends for help
Don't forget the candy decorations and colouring.
Add candy decorations
Add a top chocolate layer and you're almost ready to serve.
Add a top chocolate layer
And if you're a joker and you're nimble enough, you can hide inside the cake and surprise someone. :-) Happy Birthday !!!
Hide inside and surprise someone !
I hope that you enjoyed baking and will be amazed and delighted by the cake as much as I am ! :-)

Even small LEGO sets can be really funny ! This Birthday seasonal set is an example of such a set.

Do you have it in your LEGO collection ?

I will be very happy if you comment below.

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Just one word: WOW!
Nice and sweet article ��

Lego Girl
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Thank you very much !!! :-)