LEGO Minifigure Stickers - Let's have some fun !

September 02, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

I often check what people sell on ebay or other similar marketplace webs. I look for some good deals for old LEGO sets that are not any more available for sale on the primary market and I would love to build them and share them with you. What I also look for are LEGO related things - minifigures, books, magazines, keychains, t-shirts and many more.
Last week I had very successful hunt. Look what I found !
Amazing Minifigure Ultimate LEGO Stickers Collection
Amazing Minifigure Ultimate LEGO Stickers Collection
I bought this Amazing Minifigure Ultimate Stickers Collection book with more than 1,000 reusable stickers. The book has 32 pages - each double page is focused on different theme like Battles, Star Wars, Monsters, Legends of Chima, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, In the city, Heroes vs villains and many more and other 32 pages of stickers. In total 64 pages.
You should first read the captions and then find the stickers that best fits the space. Quite easy and a lot of fun !
Harry Potter
Marvellous Minifigures
I especially look forward to discover the Star Wars and Legends of Chima double pages, because I have to admit that I know almost nothing about them. It's a shame, I know ! Luckily, the stickers can be peeled off again when you make a mistake which is very probable in my case ! :)
Star Wars
There are many fantastic extra stickers, too.
Big extra stickers
Small extra stickers
You will find there very small extra stickers that you can put on notebook, pencils, your LEGO wishlist or anywhere else and also quite big ones that would look perfectly for example on the back side of the phone or on the car. I will definitely use some of those extra stickers to make my phone look better ! :) I will also try to sneak one of the stickers on my boyfriend's car. :)

When I was filling the stickers into the book I felt a bit nostalgic because that was exactly what I did when I was a child. Back then I used to fill similar books, not LEGO but different themes like animals, barbies, Pokemons or whathever other theme I was interested in back in the day. :)

Well, it's very nice book. I am glad that I bought it. I am sure that this book will not only sit in my bookshelve but I will reopen it very soon again. If your AFOL friend's anniversary are soon, this is also a good tip for a gift !

Do you like stickers books like this one ?
I will be happy if you comment below.