Detective's Office - finally completed !

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Detective's Office was my first building experience with the Modular Building sets. If I should describe it in one word, it would most probably be just "Wow"! :)
I heard nothing but praise for this set from all who are into Modular Buildings, and I was extremely excited when I discovered it on my own.
Today I will share with you some pictures of the completed set that I took yesterday, when I finished building.
Detective's Office has 2,262 pieces. Exterior and interior of the building are both nicely designed with a lot of cool details, colours and many secret passageways and escapes. Six minifigures are part of the set - Detective, Barber, Policewoman and Woman in red with her cat and two players (dart and pool). Those four are my favourite.
LEGO Detective's Office Minifigures
All six minifigures fit perfectly to the set and you can create many funny scenes with them in the building. I especially like the look of the detective and the barber. The detective can wear either a hat or hair on his head, but not both, and comes with a lot of accessories. The barber's clothes and scissors looks perfectly and his a bit old school look completely fits into his barbershop.
Barber in LEGO Detective's Office
Detective in LEGO Detective's Office
Even exterior of the building is very rich in details. My favourite are beautifully decorated facade, many windows with printed titles, red pool name on the wall and the barbershop name Al's made from bricks.
Exterior of LEGO Detectove's Office
Exterior of LEGO Detective's Office
There are 5 rooms in the Detective's Office building - a pool room and a barbershop on the ground floor, a detective's office and a bathroom on the first floor and a kitchen with a roof terrace with a water tower on the second floor. Every floor can be easily removed and then put back.
Pool room is the most colourful area in the building. The pool table with pool balls and cues is just perfect. There are other details such as moving ceiling fan, a cup for a winner or a secret passageway for cookies. There are two players playing the pool and dart.
Pool room in LEGO Detective's Office
Pool room in LEGO Detective's Office
Barbershop features a real mirror, rotating chair, scissors and, of course, another hidden escape to the backyard.
Barbershop in LEGO Detective's Office
We can climb the stairs to the first floor and we finally find there the Detective's Office. The room is full of tools and accessories that are used by the detective in investigating various mysteries. You will find there a perfectly equiped desk with a brickbuilt lamp, printed newspapers or letters. Woman in red is not an unusual guest in the Detective's Office. If she just does not look someone from the balcony, she must be with the detective. What a mysterious woman with her undiscovered secret !
First floor LEGO Detective's Office
Woman in red in LEGO Detective's Office
LEGO Detective's Office
LEGO Detecive's Office
There is also a bathroom on the first floor, where the detective sometimes spend some time trying to figure out someone´s mysteries. :)
Bathroom in LEGO Detective's Office
Top floor is the kitchen with cat that is all the time looking for some cookies to eat.  There is very well designed oven and an old school looking clocks on the wall.
Kitchen in LEGO Detective's Office
The Detective's Office looks like a two different buildings sticked together. Each of them in a pretty different architecture style. Not only the exterior but also the interior is very rich and playful.
I think that this is my favourite set so far. :)

Do you own the Detective's Office set ? How do you like it ?

I will be very happy if you comment below.

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1 September 2016 at 17:26 delete

This was my first Modular Building as well. It's easy to take it for granted, once it's been assembled and has sat in our little city for so long. I love that it included ZERO stickers, including the mirror. My brother and I bought this right after we got back into LEGO again and were blown away by it. I like the story line, although we've found that the hidden passage at the rear of the barber shop is more trouble than it's worth. It was a really fun build. That set included a lot of "firsts" for us, when it comes to LEGO. I can't wait to see what the next Modular will be. Brick Bank is pretty cool. Not sure if it exceeded the Detective's Office, though. Glad you liked it so much.

Lego Girl
2 September 2016 at 14:55 delete

Yes, there are many cool details. I like the real mirror in the barbershop, too. As for the hidden passage at the barber shop - I know exactly about what you are talking... It's quite hard to access it.
But anyway, it was a real pleasure to build this set. I think about buying the Brick Bank too. I heard that it is a bit smaller than other modular buildings but I think that the interior will be rich.
I'm also very curious about the next modular building. Any guess what it will be ? Or what kind of building would you and your brother welcome in your city? :)

2 September 2016 at 18:20 delete

I thought the Brick Bank was a very cool Modular and also a fun build. I'm not sure if it's smaller, but it contains more pieces. There IS a lot of detail inside. And I love the attached laundromat. The working vault is pretty cool, too, but I do remember that it's difficult for my large hands to fit down into the first floor (you call it "ground floor," I believe.)
I have no idea what the next Modular might be. Based on all the previous ones, I'm sure I will love it. I wouldn't mind a split one, like the Pet Shop. This would give us more options as to where it goes in town. A while back, we bought a second Pet Shop and built both the pet shop and the brownstone backwards. I feel like these blend into our town easier than a second Brick Bank, Parisian Restaurant, or Cinema would. I'd like to get a second Detective's Office someday and build that backwards as well.
I eagerly await even rumors about what the next Modular will be and I will certainly be in line on Jan. 1 for it's expected debut.

Lego Girl
4 September 2016 at 11:35 delete

I've seen a couple of pictures of Modulars built backward and the pictures look really cool. You should definitely going to give it a try with the Detective's Office.
As for the 2017 Modular, it's fun to speculate about it. :) I wonder what the next one will be. I would love to see some craft stores, jewelry or museum.
We will have to wait for a while until LEGO announcement. I read that they typically announce in October or November.