Set 71040 - LEGO Disney Castle - Fairytale Review :)

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Once upon a time, in a very far-off country, there was a beautiful castle on the White Mountain where four little people lived happily together - Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Tinker Bell.
They were all good people and took care of the castle together.

But one day when Tinker Bell was in the forest, a most unexpected misfortune befell them. When she came back in the evening she found all her friends petrified and with them the whole castle.
She spent weeks just sitting on the walls of the castle, wondering how to save her friends.
Tinker Bell wonders how to save her friends
Months and years passed and almost everyone forgot that shiny castle on the White Mountain. Help wasn't coming and Tinker Bell almost ceased to hope for saving her friends... 
But one morning, she suddenly saw someone climbing up directly to the castle.
Mickey climbes up the White Mountain
 Mickey was the first person with whom she shared what happened on that unfortunate day. 
Tinker Bell explains everything to Mickey
How they lived happily until the day when out of nowhere the whole castle faded and her friends turned to stone. Mickey was listening carefully to the whole story and then paused for a while. 
"You know what, Tinker Bell" he said, "I think that we are facing the same enemy. Something bad is happening in the whole country. People have always been happy there, believed in miracles and now ... they forgot to fantasize and enjoy little things."
Mickey thinking of the curse
That day Mickey was sitting on the top of the White Mountain until sunset. He knew that the key of the unhappiness that covered the whole country is hidden somewhere in the castle.
Early in the morning he started to search the whole castle. He didn't know what to look for but he knew that he has to find it. He began in the Knight Hall.
Knight Hall in the Castle
He sought higher floors, too.  
Interior of the Castle
Interior of the Castle
Even in the highest tower the magical mirror didn't advice him ...
Magical Mirror in the highest tower
Finally he encountered two hundred years old frogs who told him an old rumour about a secret chamber with a treasure hidden somewhere in the castle ...
Mickey is talking to old frogs
... it was something for Mickey. He started searching even more furiously.
He found the secret chambre
And finally he found the secret chamber. With the hidden treasure. 
And the secret treasure
A Book ? He didn't understand ... He started to read. He was reading all night long, next day and also the other day ... He couldn't stop reading. 
Mickey couldn't stop reading the Fairytale book
He felt so happy, as in a fairytale ... And suddenly it happened. Minnie, Daisy, Donald and the whole castle begun waking up. After a long time, walls were echoed with laughter, singing and flooded with tears of happiness as all friends were together again. 
Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Tinker Bell together again
Mickey stayed with his new friends and they all lived happily together in the castle and never forget to live their dreams and believe in miracles ! :) As in the fairytales.
Daisy and Donald
Minnie and Mickey

And they lived happily ever after ...A bell rang and the tale comes to its end. :)

How did you like the LEGO Disney Castle Fairytale ? :) 

I will be happy if you comment bellow. 

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30 September 2016 at 06:11 delete

I think your fairytale and wonderful pictures add up to the best review I've seen thus far of the Disney Castle. The first picture makes it look so majestic! I especially like the angles at which you've taken some of the pictures. Quite different from the usual straight ahead images of the front and back of the set. I think this set is now a BUY for me.

Were you able to get all of the sand off of your castle? Great setting, by the way! Very unique. Thank you!

Lego Girl
30 September 2016 at 09:44 delete

Hi Eric,
I'm very happy that you like my review ! And also that you decided to BUY the castle.
It's an amazing set. The facade is wonderful. I'm sure that you will enjoy building it and will definitely not regret if you buy it.
Actually it was a coincidence with the sand. I didn't even know that we have such a big sand pile in the yard. :) So it was a bit spontaneous.
On my pictures, I tried to use the fact that the castle looks perfectly from different angles, especially from the sides because it's very deep.
I am also pleased that you liked the fairytale. :)
Hope you will enjoy the build as much as I did !

2 October 2016 at 17:20 delete

I love the fairy tale! The photos are great, too. However, when everyone was petrified, I think your photos should have been greyscaled until Mickey woke then all up by reading the book.

Awesome post regardless!

Lego Girl
2 October 2016 at 23:42 delete

It is a very good idea with the greyscaling. I haven't though about it at all and it would definitely make the story more authentic. Great advice for next time ! :)
Thanks a lot for your comment, Yazmin !