How to create an original LEGO display ?

September 22, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Creating something every day... That's exactly what I was doing this week. :) I started on Sunday with building a new home for my LEGO collection as I shared with you in my latest post - How do you store your LEGO collection ?
Even though the beginning of this week was quite busy at work,  I found some time to think about LEGO during the day and I came up with an idea for an original LEGO display for one of my favorite LEGO Disney Minifigure.  :) And when I came back home from work I was working on the idea every evening. And it's finally completed and I can share it with you ! :)
Original LEGO Minifigure display
What did I need ?
I needed a deep frame, so deep that I could fit inside the selected LEGO minifigure. I chose a Maleficient from the Disney Minifigure Series.
IKEA deep frame
Then I needed a few sheets of paper, colour pencils, glue, scissors, ...
Papers, Pencils, Scissors, ...
And finally the most important ingredience. The IDEA, itself.
Usually the idea is the most important, the most difficult and the most time consuming step within the whole process of creating someting. At least it's a true for me. :)

Idea is the most important ingrediance
And then when I had everything prepared on my table and also in my head the funniest part of the whole creating process could start. Papercrafting, drawing, ... I created quite many versions until I was satisfied with what I did.
Monitoring drawing progress
Now it was a time to create the speaking bubble ...
Drawing speaking bubble
And put all pieces together as a LEGO set. :)
Original LEGO Minifigure display
I would love to create such a display for every LEGO Minifigure I own and hang them side by side on the wall in my living room. I think it would look perfectly ! :)

This display was my first time, so I am prepared to face your criticism. :)

Do you also creating something handmade at home for your LEGO collection ?

I will be very happy if you share it with me in comments below.