How do you store your LEGO collection ?

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Did you know that a dust is the main enemy of your LEGO collection ? Because of that every LEGO set and every minifigure deserve a save place in your apartment or house. Ideally protected not only from a dust but also from humidity, direct sunlight or smoke.  
Until today I was lacking such a place in my apartment and all my builds were laid on tables or on the floor in my small apartment. It was not a nice look at it for me nor for the minifigures.
Therefore, today everyone in our apartment was working hard on a better place to live for my LEGO collection. :)
Working on a new home for LEGO collection
Finally we made it and today the minifigures will be sleeping for the first time in their new home. :)
New home for LEGO Minifigures
I think that they look quite happy, don't they ? :) And there is still plenty of space for other minifigures to come join them. I can't wait for the minifigures from Series 16 to fill in empty rows in the display. The rest of the display case is intended for LEGO sets.
New home for LEGO sets
I put inside the new glass display three large sets, one small set and all the minifigures.
New LEGO display case
I also found a place for my latest unfinished build. I am sure that you will recognize the set at the top of the case even though it's not completed yet. :) I think that you cannot be wrong.
New home for the biggest set in my collection
The LEGO Disney Castle, of course ! It is so big (even though it is half completed) that I will have to find a wider display case for such an amazing set once it's completed.

Since I like drawing and paper crafting a lot, I have come up with more creative idea of how to store minifigures which I have also already crafted... I will share it with you soon on my blog. :)

How do you store your LEGO collection ?

I will be happy if you share it with me in comments bellow.

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20 September 2016 at 18:07 delete

Put display casings in between the Detolf shelf to enable more layers of minifigs for display.

Lego Girl
20 September 2016 at 21:09 delete

Thanks for advice. It would be much better to have more layers of minifigs, because now it is quite empty. But I'm not sure if it is technically possible, will check it out. :)