Most Worthy Minifigures

July 21, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Costume suited Minifigures are CUTE and FUNNY and there are only 12 of them released up today.
They are one of the most favorite Minifigures among LEGO collectors and their value is increasing every day ...

First two costume suited Minifigures were introduced in 2011 as a part of Series 03 and Series 05 - Gorilla Suit Guy and Lizard Suit Guy.
In 2012, LEGO introduced my favourite Bunny Suit Guy (Series 07) and a year later Chicken Suit Guy (Series 9) and Bumblebee Girl (Series 10).
Panda Guy was introduced in 2014 (LEGO Movie Series) and the same year Piggy Guy could be found in Series 12 packages.
In 2015, LEGO released a "record" number of Minifigures - Hot Dog Guy (Series 13), Unicorn Girl (Series 13), Tiger Girl (Series 14) and Plant Monster (Series 14).

Hot Dog Guy
Only Shark Suit Guy (Series 15) was released this year up to date. Who will be next this year? :) I hope that rumours will come true and we will see Banana Guy and Penguin Guy in Series 16.

Original retail price of those Minifigures ranged between $2.99 and $3.99 as for any other Collectible Minifigure. However, their market price is sometimes even 10 times larger now compared to their release price.

This was quite a good deal:
10 Minifigures sold in June-2016 on Ebay
They are worthy, BUT do not stop playing with them ! :)
Shark Suit Guy
How many of them do you have in your LEGO collection? :)