Look at some famous people made out of LEGO bricks !

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You can find many rankings of the most influential, most popular or most important people of all time on the internet. I thought it would be interesting to compile such a ranking based on the number of LEGO minifigures which were created to represent the particular person. :-)
I did not compile the ranking, but I found a few very nice examples of famous people made out of LEGO bricks.
LEGO did not officially make out majority of them, but there are many unofficial custom minifigures compatible with LEGO created by different authors, e.g. Minifigures.com or Minifigs.me.

Musicians & Bands

  • Highly sought-after category whose representatives are often displayed by bricks. 
  • The Beatles is a good example of such a band which has an official LEGO minifigure version and also many unofficial ones. 
Musicians & Bands - examples of minifigures
Actors / Actresses

  • This is a huge category with many movie celebrities already replicated by bricks. 
  • If we do not consider minifigures within the official LEGO themes such as Star Wars, Pirates of Caribbean, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and many more ... there are still many unofficial minifigures such as Rowan Atkinson alias Mr. Bean, Uma Thurman alias Black Mamba in Kill Bill or legendary Chuck Norris by different authors. 
  • LEGO Ideas theme sometimes targets famous TV sitcom characters, such as Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who. 
Actors / Actresses - examples of minifigures


  • Believe or not, even politicians often become an inspiration for custom minifigures. :-)
  • You find a few presidents or at least president candidates made out of bricks.
  • I do not remember any official LEGO set containing a minifigure of a politician, but there are unofficial ones such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. 
Politicians - examples of minifigures

Sportsmen / Sportswomen 

    • Sportsmen and Sportswomen are popular people and often role models for children. 
    • Not surprisingly, there are also many of them immortalised in bricks.
    Sportsmen / Sportswomen - examples of minifigures
    I have also tried to create my own custom minifigure. :-) Guess who is it ? 
    Guess who is it ?
    I have never ordered anything from Minifigures.com, Minifigs.me or different websites, have you ? However, I can see that they have a pretty cool and wide offer. Some of the minifigures are definitely nice to have. :-) 

    Have you ever bought some custom minifigure of a famous person ?

    I will be very happy if you comment bellow. 

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    Ni Ke
    17 January 2017 at 01:23 delete

    Roger Federer?
    Have never gotten any custom LEGO Minifigures or pieces. Not judging; just saying...

    Lego Girl
    17 January 2017 at 08:55 delete

    Bingo ! You had it correct. ;-)