Take Part in THINK BEHIND BRICKS Competition and Win My LEGO Talk Box Full of Surprise ! :-)

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Be smart enough and help Dog save his friend Duck from a magical chest and WIN !

Read the story "What happened to Duck ?" first and then try to find an answer to the competition question "How can you help Dog to save Duck ?". 
See what prize the winner can look forward to "Price for the winner"! :-)

Deadline for submission of answers is January 25th, 2017
Send us your answer on our email mylegotalk@gmail.com. 
If we receive more than one correct answer, the winner will be drawn from the correct answers received.

What happened to Duck ? 
Dog and Duck are old friends.
Think Behind Bricks Competition
They often play catch together. 
Think Behind Bricks Competition
And usually Dog wins. However, this time Dog caught someone elses trail and stopped chasing Duck for a while. And then it happened !
After a while, Dog heard Duck's calling for help. Dog finally found his Duck friend locked in a chest. 
Think Behind Bricks Competition
Dog found out soon that he will not open the chest by his strong legs or teeth. There was something with the chest. As if the chest was vicious !
Yes, it is vicious ! Duck got locked in the magical chest which could only be opened by solving a Brick's Puzzle. 

And there, the Dog needs your help ! 

How can you help the dog to save the duck ?
Your task is to find out which brick is missing on the field marked as A2 and also explain why did you choose that particular brick which is as important as the answer itself. 

If you figure out the puzzle, the magical chest open and you save Duck ! And you WIN !
Think Behind Bricks Competition
Price for the winner
My LEGO Talk secret box full of surprise which, we hope, make every LEGO fan happy !
Think Behind Bricks Competition
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in comments bellow !

Hope you will have fun solving the Brick Puzzle !

Looking forward to your answers ! :-)

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25 January 2017 at 06:30 delete

It must be d. purple. It is the only color without 2 adjacent bricks of the same color.

Lego Girl
25 January 2017 at 12:15 delete

Thank you for your guess Robert. The competition is still open till today so I cannot tell you whether your guess is correct or not. We will announce the winner together with an explanation of the correct answer during this weekend so watch our website for results ! :-)