TOP 10 LEGO sets released in 2016

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2016 is said to be a year of big sets. Reissue of Star Wars Death Star was the most expensive set in 2016 with RRP of $499.99. However, the biggest sets in terms of number of pieces were the 4,634 pieces Firehouse HQs, closely followed by 4,163 pieces Big Ben and 4,080 pieces Disney Castle.
Very expensive year for AFOL's. :-)
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I like big LEGO sets, they look impressive ! I like them even though I have a small apartment and it is often a challenge to find a deserved place for them. :-)
However, this ranking is not about the size, it is about the overall feeling and likability of the set. Therefore, I cannot omit also smaller but very cool sets.

10. The Panama Canal - Set 2000451 (1,184 pieces)
Original retail price: $249.99
The Panama Canal - LEGO 2000451
9. LEGO Truck Show - Set 4000022 (816 pieces)
Original retail price: n/a (promotional set)
LEGO Truck Show - LEGO 4000022
8. Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave - Set 76052 (2,526 pieces)
Original retail price: $269.99
Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave - LEGO 76052
7. Prison Island - Set 60130 (754 pieces)
Original retail price: $89.99
Prison Island - LEGO 60130
6. Brick Bank - Set 10251 (2,380 pieces)
Original retail price: $169.99
Brick Bank - LEGO 10251
5. Maze - Set 21305 (769 pieces)
Original retail price: $69.99
Maze - LEGO 21305
4. Firehouse Headquarters - Set 75827 (4,634 pieces)
Original retail price: $349.99
Firehouse Headquarters - LEGO 75827
3. Volkswagen Beetle - Set 10252 (1,167 pieces)
Original retail price: $99.99
Volkswagen Beetle - LEGO 10252
2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Set 42056 (2,704 pieces)
Original retail price: $299.99
Porsche GT3 RS - LEGO 42056
1. Disney Castle - Set 71040 (4,080 pieces)
Original retail price: $349.99
Disney Castle - LEGO 71040
What is your top favourite 2016 set ?

I will be very happy if you let me know in comments bellow.

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6 February 2017 at 18:57 delete

Disney Castle is my favorite. It'd be pretty tough to beat that in any year, I think. And I'm not even a big Disney fan.
The only other set that I have in this list is the Brick Bank, which I think will only grow on me over time. It's so classy and stately that I think it gets overlooked somewhat for the flashier, splashier sets.
I liked The Ghostbusters HQ, but a combination of stickers, cost, flesh Minifigs, and the oddly-shaped footprint led my brother and I to pass on it.

Lego Girl
6 February 2017 at 23:58 delete

Yes, the Disney Castle is a well made model. I haven't bought the Brick Bank yet, but I will until it retires. What do you think about the number 7 - LEGO City Prison Island ? I think that it might be a nice addition to your LEGO city, don't you think ?

7 February 2017 at 17:57 delete

It's a cool set. My brother actually likes it a lot. Between the cost and the size (we already have Police stations on each of our 2 tables), we just can't justify getting it over other sets. It would look best on the shore of our lake, too, but that property is just so valuable and precious.
Here's a look at our tables from before Christmas. They're already packed to the gills. Our next move is to build an even bigger table in the front room of the basement. Maybe then we could think about the Prison Island.

Lego Girl
8 February 2017 at 00:09 delete

That's beautiful ! Thank you very much for sharing the picture. I like a lot the order of sets in your city, everything perfectly fits together. :) The train which goes around the city is a very cool idea. The Disney Castle goes perfectly with the Ferris Wheel and does not look oversized at all compared to other sets.
Yes, I see that you are slowly running out of space. You definitely need another big table to expand your city ! :-)
I'm sure that this would be my utmost favourite room in your house. :-)