Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman - I bet that this one will definitely increase in value in future :-)

June 15, 2017 0 Comments A+ a-

The adorable Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman keychain was given for free during February 2017 promotion of Lego Batman Movie sets. You could get him if you bought at least one item inspired by the brand new LEGO movie in your favorite toy store. Do you remember ?
I usually miss promotional polybags because either I simply do not know about the promotion or I am too slow. I often take my time to think before the purchase... and that's the reason why I end up with nothing, usually. You must be super fast to get your hands on gift promotional polybags like this one. However with Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman I was successful and luckily I've got two of them. :-)
If you missed on the Kiss Batman and you feel like you cannot live without him, there is always a chance to get one on secondary market where everything has its price. Most often the Kiss Batman is priced in range of 20-25 USD at the moment (...which doesn't mean that you cannot get it cheaper but also for more than that).
Just for comparison, for the same price you could probably get many of the most worthy collectible minifigures from Series 1-10 which means that the Kiss Batman definitely does not belong to the group of cheap minifigures. Why ? He's predetermined to be popular not only because he is Batman. :-) Of course, it isn't easy even for Batman to attract the attention of LEGO fan community with so many of his brothers released so far. However the Kiss Batman is very special and I guess that due to its adorable and unique design he is predetermined to be popular also in future and increase even more in price.
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