My LEGO Talk celebrates 1st YEAR ! Happy Bday !

June 26, 2017 2 Comments A+ a-

My LEGO Talk celebrates one year of existence and I would like to thank you all, my readers, for your support, visits and comments ! I am more than happy that I can share my joy for LEGO with you through this page.
Thanks to My LEGO Talk I had a chance to meet a few very talented LEGO builders, fans and people passionate about bricks. I'm very pleasantly surprised by how many adults didn't forget to play even thought they are not children any more. That's what I like about the LEGO fan community the most.

Let's look together on key milestones from the first year of existence of My LEGO Talk:

1. July 2016: Welcome to my blog :-) was the first post published during one sunny Sunday afternoon in July 2016

August 2016: LEGO Modular Buildings Overview was the first post which reached more than 2,000 views

September 2016: Set 71040 - LEGO Disney Castle was the first review of LEGO set written in form of a fairytale

November 2016: The Minifig Box Subscription Review was our first review of unofficial LEGO product

January 2017: New Brick Market Report 2016 was published as a first market report for LEGO fan community and was shared by Huw on Brickset fan page

January 2017: Collectible Minifigure Series 1-10 became within a day the most visited post with more than 15,000 views so far thanks to sharing on Brickset fan page

February 2017: LEGO on Spielwarenmesse 2017 was the first time for me on the world biggest toy fair. Amazing experience !

March 2017: BRICKZ.Art - Our new store with LEGO jewelry on Etsy  we opened a store with hand painted LEGO jewelry 

April 2017: New Brick Market Report Q1 2017 was published and included various analysis of LEGO sets released since 2014 up to Q1 2017

April 2017: Robbery on the Assembly Square was a fairytale review wrote exclusively for HispaBrick magazine

I am feeling very enthusiastic about the upcoming year of My LEGO Talk and I hope that you will find time to come to see what's new on My LEGO Talk page to read about the amazing brick world where everything is possible and which makes our lives more joyful !

Thank you !

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27 June 2017 at 19:36 delete

Congratulations! It's only been a year? Well, you've certainly been very productive. I like how your posts/articles range from statistical analysis to whimsical photo essays. I hope you know I'm a big fan and look forward to reading your LEGO blog for decades to come.

Lego Girl
27 June 2017 at 21:36 delete

Thank you very much for your kind words. That's the reason why I am writing the blog, to provide LEGO fans a good time while they are reading the articles. Comments like yours is what keeps me happy and motivated to be make this page better and better with every new post. Thank you ! :-)