Set 40203 - Vampire and Bat - Fairytale review :)

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In a small American town, there used to live one inseparable pair - Vampire and his Bat. Vampire without his friend Bat or Bat without Vampire ? One without the other, it doesn't make a sense. The two belong together.
They both love Halloween - not only because it is the only day in year when Vampire can wear his scary outfit conveniently. Every year for last hundred years, they celebrated Halloween in their home town. But this year it was supposed to be different ...
Everything started with the Vampire idea to celebrate Halloween in Europe. Why not in the beautiful city of Prague ? They packed everything in their suitcase and begin the journey for adventure.
Vampire and Bat arrived by tram to the city centre
They took a tram from the Prague airport to the city centre. They didn't know anyone there and Vampire found out that he even forgot to pack the Prague city map into the suitcase. Fortunately, Bat
saw a castle in front of them. "Let's go there. Hopefully, we will meet some friends there."
Vampire and Bat saw a castle in front of them
However, as they were closer and closer to the castle they saw no signs of Halloween around them.
Vampire and Bat on the way to the castle
Bat was getting annoyed and started to complain to Vampire about the whole idea to celebrate Halloween far away from their home and he hid in the park inside the tree. "Bat, where are you?"Vampire was asking him.
Bat hid in the park inside the tree
"Please come back to me, Bat."
Vampire was looking for Bat
Bat finally calmed down and came out from his hideaway.
Bat finally decided to leave his hideaway
At the castle, it wasn't different. No pumpkins, no scary creatures. "But why ?" both were asking each other and were getting a bit restless.
Vampire and Bat in the castle
They suddenly felt lost and lonely in a big and unknown city.
Vampire and Bat lost in the city
And it was getting darker and darker.
Vampire and Bat lost in the city
They found a place nearby castle to rest a bit. They were so tired that they fell asleep immediately.
It was getting darker and darker
After an hour ... "Hey, Happy Pumpkin, what is it ? It looks like some sleeping creature with a bird ..." said an Annoyed Pumpkin. "It must be our Uncle, you fool ! We finally found him !"
Happy and Annoyed Pumpkin finally found Vamper and Bat
"Who are you ? And what do you want ? " Vampire woke up and didn't know what is going on.
Vampire and Bat woke up
"You don't remember us, Uncle ?" wavered Happy Pumpkin. "My old friend, I am sorry. I didn't realise that it is you. How do you know about us being here in Prague ?" asked Vampire.
Vampire and Bat with Pumpkins
"Grandpa Pumpkin send us a letter and asked us to take care of you. He forgot to tell you that Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday. There aren't many of us in there. Follow us, I will cook you something in our place to warm you up."
Vampire and Bat on way to the Pumpkin's house
They were talking whole night and Pumpkins explained to Vampire and Bat why Czechs do not celebrate Halloween in way Americans do.
In the end, it turned out well and they were all happy because they hadn't seen each other for a very long time.
But there was one thing clear to Vampire and Bat  - they will celebrate next year Halloween again in their small American town ! :)

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28 October 2016 at 15:21 delete

Ha! Very cute. Looks like you had fun making this.
I have not purchased the Vampire set yet. It's 50% off at the LEGO Store, too. I'm not sure I will get one, but I did buy the Thanksgiving Pilgrim seasonal set.

Lego Girl
29 October 2016 at 14:38 delete

Yes, I had ! :-) The Vampire is very funny, you can play with his eyes and eyebrows to make him look happy, sad, scared, ... :-) very nice set. I bought the Pilgrim set, too. I have to admit that Vampire exceeded my expectations, it´s probably my most favorite seasonal set that I own so far. :-)