BEAUTIFUL LEGO WILD ! Sunday morning coffee table book :)

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Nothing makes a better partner for a cup of coffee on Sunday morning than some inspiring LEGO coffee table book such as the one composed by Mike Doyle - BEAUTIFUL LEGO WILD ! :) I was totally stunned by the pictures inside the book. Inside, you will find marvellous works of talented LEGO artists. Some pictures will make you even disbelieve that they are made out from LEGO bricks ... It's a great showcase of what other people are doing and what can be build from LEGO.

The book will bring you to the world of LEGO plants and animals. You will discover Asia, Trees, Nature Lovers, Ocean Motion and many more.
Look inside with me !
Animal kingdom
Creatures with Character
Sean Kenney art work
Creatures with Character
Gregarious Greenery
Fruit Salad
Raining Cats and Dogs
Very inspiring ! If you've ever felt like going to the nearest LEGO store and buying some bricks and try to build something awesome as people in this book do, I can assure you that after reading this book there is nothing that would stop you. :)

If you're not a fan of plants and animals, you might find the first or the second edition of Mike Doyle BEAUTIFUL LEGO more interesting. The first one focuses on everyday objects, famous monuments, mansions, spaceships or mythical characters. The second one is about dark LEGO masterpieces showcasing gothic fantasies, creepy crawlers but also sculptures of dark chocolate. :)

Hope I will add the first two books into my collection soon !

Have you heard about these cool books before ? And have you ever tried to follow your imagination and build something like that on your own ?

I will be very happy if you comment below.

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