LEGO Architecture ... Where does LEGO find inspiration ?

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LEGO Architecture sets bring alive iconic buildings from around the world.  I am quite excited by these sets because they enable builders to make their own small replicas of famous buildings such as the Empire State Building, Big Ben, Sydney Opera House and much more. You can even create city blocks in world metropolitan cities such as New York or Berlin.
Architecture theme sets are another great example of how various and sophisticated the offer of LEGO sets is.
I was wondering where does LEGO find inspiration for their Architecture sets. And the answer is ... mainly in the United States, but also on other continents.
So far LEGO made small replicas of 15 buildings from United States. Try to correctly connect images of buildings with their name without helping out with numbers. :) It is quite challenging in case of the United States.
LEGO Architecture sets inspired by US buildings
In Europe, LEGO got inspired by 10 buildings so far. My favourite sets are Louvre, Venice and Trevi Fountain.
LEGO Architecture sets inspired by European buildings
In case of Asia and Australia, it becomes easier and easier to connect images with correct names.
LEGO Architecture sets inspired by Asian buildings
And in case of Australia, it is really no-brainer. :)
LEGO Architecture set inspired by Australian building
I hope we will see more sets from Asia and Australia in the future and first sets from Africa or South and Middle America will come soon.

If I had to choose a few buildings from my neighbourhood which would deserve to become the next LEGO Architecture set, it would definitely be the Prague Castle as the representative of an old architecture and the Dancing House as the representative of the modern era.
Prague Castle and Dancing House
Which buildings in the city or country where you live would deserve to become the next LEGO Architecture set?

I will be happy if you let me know in comments below. :)

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14 October 2016 at 17:46 delete

I'm surprised there hasn't been a Spanish building yet. It's not my favorite building ever, but La Sagrada Familia would be pretty cool. There's all kinds of fantastic architecture in Spain, though. (and I've been there)

Lego Girl
16 October 2016 at 22:39 delete

Yeah, I've been there too. What a beatiful place. I really love the architecture in Barcelona. I wonder if it would not be too difficult for LEGO to transform the curves of the La Sagrada Familia into the LEGO Architecture set ?