The LEGO Movie vs. The LEGO Batman Movie - according to 7 film review websites

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Less than a month has passed since the debut of The LEGO Batman Movie in cinemas and I am wondering what does the top movie review websites think about it ? Also, do they rank The LEGO Batman Movie higher than its younger brother The LEGO Movie ?
If it was up to me, I would give both movies very high marks. And if I had to choose the one I like the more, it would probably be The LEGO Batman Movie. Why ? I couldn't take my eyes from the screen for a moment, not a minute ... and I cannot remember the last time something like that happened to me in the cinema.
I have checked 7 out of 10 top film review websites according to and looked up the rankings of both movies for you.
I hope that you have made your own guess so far ! :-) If so please enjoy the results and let's find out which of them turned out to be the winner in critic's / wide audience eyes.

1. Robert Ebert
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 4 stars
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 2.5 stars

2. Guardian 
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 4 stars
WINNER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 4 stars

3. Rotten Tomatoes
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 96%
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 91%

4. Meta Critic
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 83 points
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 75 points

5. IMDB 
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 7.8 stars
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 7.7 stars

6. MrQE
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 82 points
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 74 points

7. Flixster
WINNER - The LEGO Movie - 87%
LOOSER - The LEGO Batman Movie - 84%

I was honestly a bit surprised by the fact that The LEGO Movie scored better in 6 out of 7 major film review websites as I expected a tougher duel.
I went through reviews on those 7 websites and highlighted a few pro's and con's (if any) mentioned there for you.

The LEGO Movie - PRO'S 
 + "The LEGO Movie manages to be a smartly subversive satire about the drawbacks of conformity and following the rules while celebrating the power of imagination and individuality."
 + "While younger viewers will delight at the whiz-bang animation action and hugely likeable familiar figures, adults will laugh themselves silly at the smart consumer satire gags and google in wonder at the undulating Legoland vistas. With its lively animation and adult friendly gags, The LEGO Movie does nothing to undermine the brand's reputation."
 + "Boasting beautiful animation, a charming voice cast, laugh-a-minute gags, and a surprisingly thoughtful story. The LEGO Movie is colourful fun for all ages."
 + "The LEGO Movie teaches our kids what it means to be unique, imaginative, and heroically important by paving their own paths."
 + "The idea that the deadliest weapon in this LEGO galaxy is glue, which will make everything permanent and unmovable, shows that childish wit is probably the purest wit of all."

The LEGO Batman Movie - PRO'S and CON'S
 + "Relentlessly funny superhero parody. It doesn't have the heart, the depth or the novelty of the first Lego movie, but it is funny - which excuses everything."
 "The LEGO Batman Movie continues its block-buster franchise's winning streak with another round of dizzyingly funny - and beautifully animated - family friendly mayhem. "
 "If you go to the cinema without any pretension than to have a good time, this is the most suitable and entertaining option."
 - "I'm not among those flapping my Bat wings with overflowing joy over The LEGO Batman Movie. Action scenes consume most of the film's 104-minute running time, with a surplus of villainy summoned from not just the DC Comics universe but also home studio Warner Bros. There is plenty of visual razzle-dazzle, to be sure, but not much else. The story peters out long before it concludes with - what else? - a dance number." 
 - "The hectic pace and sensory overload feels like a cover-if they throw enough stuff at us, we won't care how much it doesn't work because we can't keep up anyway."

Which one is your winner - The LEGO Movie or The LEGO Batman Movie ?
Do you agree with The LEGO Movie being the utmost winner according to the 7 big film review websites?

I will be very happy if you let me know in comments below.