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If you don't know where to go on holiday this summer, there are four tips for you. :) Billund, Kladno, Nyíregyháza, Monterrey ...
I am not sure whether these 4 cities are interesting place to visit for ordinary tourist, but for LEGO fan tourist they definitely are. They will be forever tight with LEGO, because they were lucky enough to be chosen as a city where the LEGO factory is based.

Now there are 4 LEGO factories in the world - 3 in Europe and 1 in Mexico. By 2017, a new LEGO factory is expected to be completed in China, Jiaxing to meet growing Asian demand for LEGO products.

LEGO recently finished expansion of its manufacturing site in Kladno, Czech Republic and is in the process of planning expansion of remaining 3 existing factories which should be completed by the end of 2022.

I am very pleased to see that LEGO business goes well and LEGO invest into their factories to ensure that the products will be delivered to all consumers in short time.

For every LEGO factory including the one under construction in China, LEGO released special edition sets as a gift for their employees.

Model of new moulding LEGO factory in Mexico was given to its staff as a gift to celebrate the opening of the factory:
LEGO Factory in Mexico
LEGO Factory in Mexico
Model of LEGO factory in Denmark was given to LEGO employees in 2012:
LEGO Factory in Denmark
Model of LEGO factory in Kladno was a gift for employees in the Czech Republic:
LEGO Factory in Czech Republic
LEGO Factory in Czech Republic
Model for LEGO factory in Hungary for Hungarian employees:
LEGO Factory in Hungary
And finally the model of LEGO factory in China:
LEGO Factory in China
With all planned LEGO factory expansions in the pipeline we will certainly see other sets in near future.

I have always found those sets quite boring but I didn't have a chance to see them or even build them on my own. Yesterday I was reading one LEGO forum and there was a guy who have them all at home. He posted some pictures of his collection and it looked so amazing. :)

So I decided to start hunting for one of them to get a better look out for these sets. I will try to get one of Kladno factory sets as I live less than an hour from this great site. And I will then share with you my feelings. :)

Do you have some of them at home ? Or how do you feel about those sets ? Do they interest you or not ?

I will be happy if you comment bellow.

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15 August 2016 at 19:53 delete

I love microbuilds because they demonstrate how one can portray a large object with as little as one LEGO piece.

I do not have any of the LEGO factory sets which you've covered, but I do have the Trevi Fountain, which I enjoy. Many nice details in such a small set. It will suffice until I'm able to visit Rome to see the real fountain!

Lego Girl
16 August 2016 at 09:24 delete

Well, that's very good point, Eric. Architecture theme is cool from a historical standpoint and looks quite easy to put together and like the real thing at the end. I think that Trevi Fountain will look especially good when built and displayed at some nice place in your house :)