Kwik-E-Mart - finally completed ! incl. VIDEO

August 15, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Yesterday I finally completed this beautiful set - Kwik-E-mart (70016) with ca. 2,200 pieces. I enjoyed building it a lot, because every time I was building I discovered something new. So surprising set ! It looks perfect together with The Simpsons House set.

6 minifigures are part of the set - Marge, Bart, Homer, Chief Wiggan and Snake, a.k.a. Jailbird. If you own The Simpsons House too, you will find the first three minifigures almost identical in those two sets. I especially like Chief Wiggan and Jailbird because you can create many nice scenes with them - handcuffs are also perfect. We shouldn't forget the 911 car with removable roof which is also part of the set.
Chief Wiggan and Jailbird
The set is dominated by the yellow colour. There are so many stickers. You will find more than 8 of them on the facade - my favourite is Springfield sea food. They are quite funny ! :)

Kwikemart name above the front door is almost perfect. I like the "E" letter made from bricks, but the rest is the sticker.
Apu sitting on the roof of Kwikemart
Interior of the shop is impressive ! It looks like a real shop. You will find there fridges with milk and cheese. Shelves with cookies, fruits and vegetables. Marge will certainly find there everything she needs to start preparing lunch.
Marge shopping in Kwikemart
Yesterday's food at tomorrow's prices is very funny. As you can see, it's also Homer's favourite part of the shop.
Homer shopping in Kwikemart
There are two cash machines with many small printed magazines and comics, hot dog and donuts corner and many more.
Interior of Kwikemart
Everything monitored by two cameras, just in case ... But to some people, it does not matter.
Jailbird in Kwikemart
Jailbird robbing in Kwikemart
There is also an employee only zone in the back part of the shop. You will find there a small white surprise ! :)
Bart in the employee zone in Kwikemart
Overall the set is very nice. Details of food and cookies or magazines are awesome - donut's, muffins, buzz cola, juice machine and many more. I was taken aback by sophistication of most of them.

I also created a short video review for you where you will better see the set as a whole including its exterior and interior part.

Did you like my first video ? :) Do you have Kwik-E-Mart set in your collection ? Do you think that Kwik-E-Mart is nicer than The Simpsons House set ?

I will be happy if you comment bellow.