What you probably didn't know about some LEGO Designers

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I really like Official LEGO Designers videos on Youtube, where newly created sets are introduced by designers themselves to LEGO fan community.
It's interesting to learn about details of the set from the person who personally designed it.
I am very addictive to these videos ! Every time I watch a single video, I want to watch another. :) Moreover, after each watch, I feel that the set is perfect and cannot be missing in my collection.

I was curios to see how these designers found their way to LEGO so I was googling and there is a small overview of what I found about a few of them for you.
I also learnt some interesting things from their personal lives you maybe didn't know about. Some of them are quite funny ! :)

"One of the top managers from the LEGO Group saw what I had built, liked speaking with me and then offered me a job after I showed him my website with more images of other stuff I had built."
Jamie Berard
He was offered a job in LEGO in 2006 after displaying motorised amusement park rides at a big LEGO fan event in US.
He designed more than 35 sets so far. My favourites from his most recent sets are:
  • 10246 The Detective's Office,
  • 30023 Lighthouse or 
  • 10247 Ferris Wheel.
Maybe you didn't know that ... 
On Mondays, he play badminton with other Lego employees and his secret is that he is not a good cook, he once managed to burn a soup. :)

Mike, how did you become a LEGO designer ? "Well, I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University and built LEGO models in my spare time."
Mike, LEGO Creator Designer
So far he created amazing models like 31039 Blue Power jet, Ferrari F40s or CW Beetle.

Maybe you didn't know that ... 
His favourite LEGO brick is the 1x1 headlight brick, sometimes referred to as an Erling. He is a veggie at heart and his most favourite super hero is Isaac Newton.

Marco has been working for LEGO since 2010. Batwing Battle Over Gotham City was the first set Marco was officially assigned to. In 2013, it was the first he had the chance to make a Designer's video presenting his model. Marco has been lucky enough to be involved in many different projects. 

Marcos Bessa
He started as a Product designer, developing products targeted mainly for boys 5-7 years old. Currently he is focused on products such as MARVEL and DC SuperHeroes, Star Wars, The Simpsons, The LEGO Movie and Creator Expert.
He always creates great sets, I have never been disappointed by his work. Disney Castle looks just like another well designed set.

Maybe you didn't know that ... 
He writes his own blog (not about LEGO) - 
http://marcosbessa.blogspot.com, unfortunately it is only in Portuguese language. He is a big fan of The Simpsons TV Series. 

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would have a job at LEGO to start with - it's my dream job - and the fact that I've been able to be a part of making The LEGO Movie is amazing. I loved LEGO as a kid and distinctly remember sitting in my brother's bedroom playing with bricks and minifigures and saying I wanted to be a toy designer when I grow up. Then, you grow up and think that it's not a proper job. But I wanted to do something creative, studied fashion and ended up by happy accident working for LEGO."
Matthew Ashton
Maybe you didn't know that ... 
What he says about his mother:
"I'm supposed to be the one with the fashion degree but now my mum is a celebrity designer !"
Because his mother knitted a Unikitty jumper for him as a Christmas gift which was very popular among The LEGO Movie collaborators and more than 400 other people asked Matthew if he could commission her to knit them jumpers too. :)

"My childhood wasn't all about LEGO, I also enjoyed spending time outside. You could say that LEGO was my evening and rainy day activity, so thanks God Denmark is a very rainy country. In the university, we reunited with my friend and started creating amazing stuff with the Lego Mindstorms, We kept making robots and machines with LEGO, and our creations started to catch the attention of some LEGO employees. In 2010, LEGO reached out and to us and asked if we wanted to create a model that could show for LEGO World in Copenhagen. We then both got in a group called MCP (Mindstorms Community Partner) which is a group of selected adult Mindstorms users that discuss the product and its future with developers at LEGO. So if we had a good idea, we could ask LEGO for the pieces we needed and they would then send us everything, if they would found the idea interesting. We felt like Charlie at the chocolate factory, as we now had a chance to realize some of the projects that we had always wanted to do."
Lasse Lauesen
When he got his university degree, he was hired as a full-time employee. His work in computer engineering on LEGO Mindstorms involves working with LEGO existing product, the Mindstorms EV3, but also thinking about creating the toys of tomorrow.

Maybe you didn't know that ... 
He has never been good at reading thick theory books. LEGO wasn't the only one who had noticed what his friend and he were doing with their free time. They were approached by a company called Dynaway, that makes specialised software to help control large manufacturing builds.

"While I was studying Industrial Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts I was offered an internship at the LEGO Group. It was my chance to work for my all-time favourite company so, of course, I gave it my very best from the beginning. Eventually they offered me a job."
Thomas Bred
He has started working for LEGO in 2012 as an Industrial & Product Designer and he develops and follows new models and new elements from sketch phase to end phase. Currently working on Star Wars but he has also supported different project teams, including LEGO Extended Line, Bionicle, Ninjago, Minecraft, Chima and many more.

Maybe you didn't know that ... 
Thomas is also a passionate musician. He used to play a piano his neighbour allowed him to use provided he stored it in his apartment. He has a music studio full of guitars and pedals, and some of his songs found its way to Danish public radio. 

Kenneth has started working for LEGO in 2014 as a Product Manager at LEGO Licensing & Extended Line - Merchandise & Gift-with-Purchase portfolios.
Kenneth Gaba Lylover
Maybe you didn't know that ... 
Before joining LEGO, Kenneth was having more than 10 year professional experience as a freelance product designer and received several awards for his innovative and aesthetic products. Among some of his design works are functional series of kitchen utensils or innovative and trend setting computer chair known as Surf-chair. 

Well, there are many more great LEGO Designers than those I listed.
Who is your favourite designer ? Do you watch LEGO Official Designers videos ?
I will be happy if you comment below.