Living the Dream

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There aren't many people who can say without lying that their job is to play with Lego bricks ... :) There are currently 13 of them in the world who are living their dream.

They are LEGO Certified Professionals chosen by LEGO as trusted business partners who have turned their passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks into full time or part time profession.  They build unique creations, display them all around the world, organise educational events for people of all ages and many more.

I have collected a bit of information about each of them for you.

RYAN MCNAUGHT  (Australia)
"Usually people don't believe me [when I tell them what my job is], they say "whatever mate", that kind of thing. The third best date of my life was the day I went into my boss's office and told her I was quitting to play with LEGO bricks. That was a pretty special moment."
Ryan McNaught
NATHAN SAWAYA (United States)
Sawaya was the first contemporary artist to ever take LEGO into the art world as a medium. His exhibition THE ART OF THE BRICK breaks attendance records globally.
Nathan Sawaya
"It is a common misconception that LEGO bricks are a children's toy. Although they can be used as a toy too, their main purpose is to express creativity."
Matija Puzar
SEAN KENNEY (United States)
Sean had a desk job for 10 years, but it clearly wasn't his calling. He's the kind of person that just need to make things. Based in New York City, he has produced commissions for galleries, television, celebrities and companies like Google, ELLE, JP Morgan Chase and others. 
Sean Kenney
In 1999, Rene founded the largest German speaking LEGO fan website in the world. He has built LEGO models for companies like Deutsche Telecom, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, ... His models are to be displayed all over the world. 
Rene Hoffmeister
Robin has been collecting and playing with LEGO for over 40 years. He delights in the fact that he has never had a birthday or Christmas go by without receiving at least one LEGO gift. In 2004, he has co-founded Brickville DesignWorks, a company that uses LEGO bricks to produce events, exhibits, educational opportunities for people of all ages.  
Robin Sather

Andy is a full time artist who works exclusively with LEGO bricks. Based in Hong Kong, his previous shows has attracted more than 5 million visitors in Hong Kong and China. 
Andy Hung
ADAM REED TUCKER (United States)
In 1996, Adam received a Professional Degree in Architecture. In 2002, he ran across a book titled The World of LEGO Toys by Henry Wiencek. As he was thumbing through it, he noticed a really neat adaption on architectural possibilities using the LEGO bricks as a medium. He later co-founded a new line of LEGO products LEGO Architecture. 
Adam Reed Tucker
He is a well known Flemish comedian. In 2000 he built the heads of 30 famous Belgian and international people with LEGO bricks. One of his best known projects was A Face for Europe, a charity project that involved the building of a giant European monument, 2 heads and over 20 mosaics.
Dirk Denoyelle
NICHOLAS FOO (Singapore)
He creates unique gifts using LEGO materials. By tailoring his creations to the individual needs of his clients, Nicholas creates memorable gifts that delight both the giver and receiver. He is the founder of Blackbulb, a company based on the values creativity, fun and quality. 
Nicholas Foo
BETH WEIS  (United States)
Beth has beed building with LEGO bricks her entire life. After the birth of her 4th child in 1994, she developed a business to offset her building costs and provide social, cognitive and motor skill enrichment to other children. Beth now facilitates over 500 events a year, including workshops, classes, parties, school visits and many more. 
Beth Weis
Jumpei is the youngest LEGO Certified Professional, based in Japan. He became a professional LEGO builder when he was a student at the University of Tokyo. He has produced commissions for companies,  TV and publications. His specialty is building large sculptures of related to animals.
Jumpei Mitsui
He rediscovered LEGO at the age of 22 when he received LEGO set as a gift. From small beginnings, Duncan now has some impressive names in his clients portfolio. From a life-size tiger cub commissioned by Stella McCartney to a giant toothbrush commissioned by Phillips, he finds every new challenge as exciting as the last.  
Duncan Titmarsch
If you have just realised that this is your time and you want to become one of them, you have to wait at least by the end of 2016 to see if new LEGO Certified Professional positions are available. At this time, LEGO is not accepting any further candidates. :(

Let me know in comments below if this would be also your dream job or not.